Effective and Humane Control for Canada Geese


Report on Non-lethal Goose Control

The second half of this report provides a good overview of the various effective methods of goose control. Many new techniques (see below) have been developed since this report was written.

Habitat Modification

A comprehensive report on the use of habitat modification to control geese is available from Animal Alliance of Canada.

Control Method Resources

  Border Collies

  Turf Grass Goose Repellents
    ReJex-iT® Lawn Treatment

  Exclusion Methods
    Edgewater Fencing*
    Goose D-Fence*

  Hatch Control

  Scare Devices
    Goose Buster*
    Cannons/Scare Guns*
    "Dissuader" Hand-held Laser*
        Features (52K PDF)
        Application notes (12K PDF)
        SeaTech (manufacturer) web site.
    Gator Guard*

  Vendors of Various Goose Control Products
    Med Pest Supply*
    JWB Marketing*

* External commercial site.

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