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Goose News

01/13/07   Approved by the EPA, Innolytics, LLC introduces OvoControl for hatch control in "resident" Canada geese.

10/22/06   New Rule: Regulatory scheme makes it easier to kill "resident" Canada geese.

06/18/01   Aventis Pharmaceuticals Cancels Goose Kill

06/11/01   Coalition asks Missouri Governor to Halt Goose Kill

06/11/01   Appeal to MO Department of Health to Reject Dead Geese

06/08/01   Coalition asks MDC to withdraw from Canada goose kill

06/02/01   Another Study: Geese Not a Public Health Issue

04/09/01   New Study Confirms Geese Not a Health Risk

02/22/01   "Alternative G" Prevails in Written Comments

07/29/00   Wildlife Services Loses in Federal Court

06/29/00   Wildlife Services (USDA) Dupes Federal Judge in Seattle

06/11/00   Contaminant study proposed for dead geese scientifically flawed

06/10/00   Wisconsin Goose Kill Plan Discredited by Experts

05/19/00   Unjustified Goose Killings Uncovered in Holyoke Mass.

05/03/00   Rockland County Legislature Rejects Lethal Methods

03/26/00   Coalition Appeals Excessive Public Records Charges & Violation of WI Law

11/23/99   Maine Goose Killing Violated Federal Laws

11/15/99   Connecticut Woman Wins Appeal to Feed Geese

11/10/99   Westchester County (NY) Symposium on Canada Geese

11/07/99   Public Outcry Stops Goose Hunt at Center for Mentally Impaired

09/27/99   Health Officer's Claims Called Ludicrous by Public Health Experts

08/08/99   Coalition Launches Campaign Against Disinformation in NJ

07/26/99   Air Force Uses Deadly Force on Geese

07/16/99   Geese Win in Court - Judge rules Wildlife Services can't kill geese without permit

06/27/99   125 Geese Killed in Kent, NY

06/17/99   New Goose Killing Permit Approved Despite Public Opposition

06/10/99   Kent Residents Outraged to Learn of Town's Plan to Slaughter Geese

06/05/99   Wildlife Service/USDA Proposes Killing 3,500 Geese in the Puget Sound Area

05/19/99   Environmental Management Council Finds Video About Canada Geese Biased

05/01/99   The Killing Connection in Monmouth County, NJ

03/07/99   Deception in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

03/06/99   Letter from New York City's Park Commissioner on Geese

02/07/99   Central Park: Another Goose Situation Resolved Using Humane Methods

01/04/99   Town Board Members Proclaim the Effectiveness of Non-lethal Goose Control.

01/02/99   Public Opposition to USFWS's Goose Killing Regulation Overwhelming:   Special Report

11/19/98   DuPage Commission Does the Right Thing - Recommends Non-Lethal Goose Control

11/12/98   Boys Brutally Beat Goose in State Park

10/14/98   U.S. Senate Plays Hide-and-Seek with "Baiting Bill" H.R. 2863

09/14/98   Goose Rescued from Hunt Area!

09/08/98   What Flies Around Comes Around

09/03/98   Victory! Lake Shelbyville Goose Hunt Halted

07/02/98   Conversation with a Goose Killer

06/25/98   Victory for Geese in Virginia!

05/28/98   Public Pressure Foils Goose Kill in Mississauga (Canada)!

04/14/98   Clarkstown Town Board Votes NO GOOSE KILLING in 1998

04/08/98   Gander and His Mate Killed by a Federal Agency Out of Control

03/31/98   Monmouth County Health Department:  We called their bluff.

03/01/98   Another Charity Says, "NO" to Dead Geese

02/13/98   Clarkstown Supervisor Lies Again!

01/25/98   SPECIAL REPORT: Public Comments Submitted on the Plan to Kill Geese in Anchorage are In!

01/23/98   Vermont Geese Under Attack in First Ever Gun Season

12/09/97   Free at Last!

11/14/97   Kind-hearted Citizens of Sioux Falls Defend Their Right to Feed Geese - and Win!

10/31/97   Officials in Anchorage Alaska Want to Kill 2000 Geese!

09/04/97   Geese Win Major Legal Victory in Minnesota!

07/31/97   Goose Killers Loose in Seattle, Washington

06/25/97   201 Canada Geese Slaughtered by Clarkstown Politicians

06/21/97   Goose Round Ups Begin in Clarkstown: 170 Geese Abducted and Sent to Slaughter

06/15/97   Clarkstown Town Board Fails to Honor Commitment: OKs Goose Kill

06/07/97   City of Mississauga (Canada) Infected with Killing Fever

05/27/97   Town Board Strips Goose Killing Supervisor of His Authority

05/09/97   The Coalition's Statement to Michigan's NRC on the Proposed Killing of Geese

05/09/97   The FUND for ANIMALS Speaks out Against Michigan's Plan to Kill Geese

05/01/97   Alec Baldwin Slams Clarkstown's Plan to Kill Geese

04/18/97   On April 29th Alec Baldwin Takes on the Goose Killer of Clarkstown

04/02/97   Geese Saved in Wisconsin!

03/08/97   U.S. Army Calls Off Hunt on Canada Geese

01/27/97   The Award-Winning Report That Clarkstown Officials Don't Want Published

01/18/97   The Geese Win at Sally's Pond! or....... Hunt Sally's Pond and Die -- of Boredom!

01/16/97   New Jersey's DEP, Division of Wildlife, Sponsors Gratuitious Goose Killing

01/03/97   The Illinois Celebrity Hunt of Canada Geese Will Take Place Jan. 3-5

12/21/96   December Issue of Ranger Rick Tells Kids It's OK to Dislike Like Canada Geese.

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